The official jewelry line of Jenn Brown 

The Jenn Brown Collection is the Exclusive Jewelry Line of Sportscaster Jenn Brown.

From an early age, Jenn had a passion for making Jewelry. 

“I loved  making jewelry as a kid.  I remember in elementary school, my best-friend, Courtney, and I would make friendship bracelets at our sleepovers.  When I was in middle school, hemp necklaces were all the rage so I would make those and give them to my  friends.  In High School, I decided to start my own little business making necklaces and bracelets to sell at my Mom’s Summer Gymnastic’s camp.”

Little did Jenn realize that her love of making jewelry for friends and family would eventually lead her to starting her own jewelry line. 

“The idea to start my own line came about a year ago.  I had been in the television business for almost 8 years and I was running out of jewelry to wear on camera.  I don’t get too dressed up on the sidelines, so adding a great necklace or earring was the best way to enhance my look.  Well, my best friend Jami, who is also my stylist, and I found a local bead store in Los Angeles and we started creating our own necklaces and bracelets. After wearing a few of my creations around family and friends, they started asking me if I could make them one too. That is when I thought I would try doing it on a larger scale and create my own line. “

The Jenn Brown Collection has something for everyone.  Whether you are looking for a simple, everyday bracelet or the ultimate statement necklace for a night out on the town, Jenn has thought of it all.  That's right, Jenn has personally created each piece in her collection  

“Although I have a busy career chasing down coaches on the sidelines or covering the newest trick in the half pipe, creating jewelry makes me happy.  If you have ever sat next to me on one of my many flights across the country, you’ve probably seen me whip out my jewelry making kit to come up with a new necklace or bracelet.  All of the pieces are handmade in Los Angeles, and more often times than not, the piece you buy has been made by me!”

EAch piece in the Jenn Brown Collection has been named by Jenn to represent something special to her.  

“I was blessed to be able to host a travel show for 3 1/2 years when I first moved to Los Angeles to work in television.  I got to travel all around the world to some of the most beautiful and exotic places you could ever imagine.  I decided to name some of my pieces after my favorite cities in the world, while other pieces, are named after something that has a special meaning to me.”

The Carrie Necklace is a piece that is near and dear to Jenn's heart.  She named this necklace after her younger sister Carrie, who was tragically killed in a car accident in 2000.  

“Losing Carrie was the single hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my life.  I miss her everyday.   The Carrie Necklace for me is a constant reminder that life is short so you should always count your blessings and give back whenever you can.  All of the proceeds of the Carrie Necklace will be given to THE CARRIE BROWN FOUNDATION, a foundation Jenn and her Mother Rita set up in memory of Carrie.  The Foundation sends underprivileged kids from Central Florida to Summer Camp each year.

Each Jenn Brown Collection piece comes with a custom jewelry box as well as a personally signed 4x6 picture of Jenn.  

“I worked on this jewelry line for over a year and I love it…I hope you do too”

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